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Jake Myles is a professional photographer based in the beautiful city of Denver

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About me

Hey there! My name is Jake Myles Henderson. I’m the guy behind the lens here and I love photography.

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Events - Book me for concerts, musicals, plays

Sessions - Book me for birthdays, personal shoots, special occasions

Weddings - Book me for  elopements and weddings

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About Us

I'm Jake Myles, take a look at the world from my view.

Jake Myles In Action

I’m the guy behind the lens here and I love photography.
However, that wasn't always the case. I actually used to think I would be doing a lot more videography.

My love for storytelling and videography took off when I started my YouTube channel during my senior year of high school.

After I graduated I started studying at the Art Institute in Denver, Colorado with plans to start a production
company with my brother.

The plan was that I would focus on videography and he would focus on photography. It ended up working well that way for a little bit.

One day I needed to get a photo of my brother and after I took it and took a good look at it I realized that I was actually pretty good at photography.

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I loved the fact that I was able to visualize something I thought was awesome and capture it so I could share my experience with other people. I eventually left the Art Institute and moved into the Five Points neighborhood in Denver which was basically creative fuel.

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When I was there I focused on getting paid photo gigs. The more shoots I did the more I realized that photography is something I love and absolutely want to do for a living and here I am now; making that dream a reality. I now take photos because it's so much fun. I get to capture moments, looks, emotions, and so many other things so that whoever is receiving my work can hold onto those memories forever.

These Are Some Of The Services I Offer

Personal shoots
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The Point - Starting at $450

1 location
1 outfit
10-20 edited photos

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the welton - starting at $600

1 location
2 outfits
21-30 edited photos

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the Rossonian - starting at $800

1 location
3 outfits
31-40 edited photos

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The Ellington - starting at $3500

4 hours of Wedding Photography Coverage

Planning Consultation. 1 hour pre-planning session

Additional Photographer for 4 hours of Coverage

Complimentary Couples Session. Includes 1 hour session with 1 outfit and 1 location.

Online Image Gallery

High-Resolution Images.

You will receive 75 edited, high-resolution images.

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The FiTzgerald- starting at $5000

6 hours of Wedding Photography Coverage

Planning Consultation. 1 hour pre-planning session

Additional Photographer for 6 hours on your wedding day

Complimentary Couples Session. Includes 1 hour session with 1 outfit and 1 location.

Online Image Gallery

High-Resolution Images.

You will receive 100 edited, high-resolution images.

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The Holiday - starting at $7500

8 hours of Wedding Photography Coverage

Planning Consultation. 1 hour pre-planning session

Additional Photographer for 8 hours of Coverage

Complimentary Couples Session. Includes 1 hour session with 1 outfit and 1 location.

Online Image Gallery

High-Resolution Images.

You will receive 125 edited, high-resolution images.


Worth Sharing

Married couple

Chris & Emily's Couple Session

This couples session with Emily & Chris was so much fun! I initially had another couple lined up for this shoot, but they cancelled on me. I posted on Facebook to see if anyone wanted to fill the spot and Emily responded saying her and her husband were down for it! I arrived at the location with my wife who was helping me out and once we ran into this beautiful couple we knew we would have a great time. One of the coolest and most memorable parts of this shoot for me was how in love Emily & Chris are; my heart was melting inside. The way they stared at each other was captivating. I just wanted to stop what I was doing and watch them enjoy each other's company.

Beautiful black woman

Denver Black Creatives Shoot

Going into this shoot I didn't know what to expect or how I would do. I hadn't picked up my camera in months for anything, so I was pretty rusty. There were many models at the location and one of them was my wife. As the shoot began I went straight to my wife to start taking photos. In my head the plan was to just take lots of photos of her the whole time (it was the rust & social anxiety speaking). Not long into the shoot my wife told me to find someone else (in the most loving way possible, haha). I'm glad she did!! I ended up stepping out of my comfort zone and getting lots of great shots and getting comfortable with an awesome community of Black creatives!

Beautiful sister

Candid PhotoshootsWith Jenna

Jenna is one of the most stylish and photogenic people I know. Any time I ask if she wants to do a photoshoot she's down for it and I never have to tell her what to wear. I trust that she'll bring all the great looks to serve. See more photos of Jenna in the section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you travel to clients?


Yes! We love to travel. Depending on the location there may be travel fees. We may also just be in your area! If so, travel fees won't apply.

Do you instruct for posing? I’m kind of awkward/unphotogenic.


Yes, we do! I'm normally behind the camera while my wife/second photographer Renee is working with you helping you to get as comfortable as possible to esure that we get your most authentic shots.

How long will it take to get my photos?


Our turnaround time is about two weeks for your first round of photos for portraits. Afterwards, if you have additional editing requests those will be sent as received. For weddings and elopements turnaround time is around four weeks since we'll be delivering more photos!

How do you prefer to communicate?


I prefer to communicate via email, that's where you'll get the quickest response time but once we do book a session you'll be able to contact me directly via text message or phone call.

How do I get started?


That's a great question. Thanks for asking! First, you can submit an inquiry on our website. We will follow up with you in 24-48 hours to set up a 30 minute zoom consultation. During our consultation we will talk more about your project and vision, determine our venue, and choose our date. Following our Zoom meeting we will send you a proposal via email. In your proposal you'll be able to review our contract, your project details and investment breakdown. You'll also be able to select any add-ons you would like. At the end of the proposal you will provide a 50% deposit which will officially secure your date in our calendar.

What kind of equipment do you use?


We've got a variety of equipment but we shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III and have various lighting options to ensure we get the best shots during your day!

Do you work with a second shooter?


Yes! Sometimes it will just be me (Jake) at portrait photoshoots but when we've got a couples session, family session, wedding or elopement more often than not my wife Renee is by my side with a second (or third) camera to capture twice the moments or simply help instruct posing.

Are you able to shoot at night or in dark situations?


Yes! We have the equipment required to take beautiful photos in any lighting situation, so if you have a dark venue or a special evening idea we are completely prepared for the challenge.

How long have you been doing this?


I have been taking photos since 2017. One of my first unofficial dates with Renee was a photography session. She wanted to get into photography and I was happy to teach her. She's been taking photos since 2018. We didn't start doing photography together until we were officially married in 2020.

Do you deliver RAW or unedited photos?


No we don't. One of our favorite parts of photography is editing the photos. When you work with us you're paying for both our time and expertise as we're taking photos and also for the editing magic that happens afterwards to make sure that your photos most closely reflect the experience and our artistic style.

Do I own the copyright to my photos once you deliver them to me?


The photos will remain our intellectual property which means the copyright will belong to us but our contract allows you full usage rights.

Will my photos show up on your website?


Possibly! Before you submit your deposit for your photoshoot date you'll receive the link to a contract. This contract is meant to create clarity for all parties involved. In our contract we request the right to use your photos on our website or as part of our portfolios. If you're uncomfortable with us sharing your photos with the public please let us know and we can adjust the contract we send you.

How do I get my photos after?


You'll receive your photos in an online gallery where you'll be able to download them and share the link with family and friends. You'll also be able to purchase prints at that link if desired.

Do you shoot elopements or only full weddings?


We do photograph elopements. We love the warmth and intimacy of elopements, they're some of our favorite events to photograph.

Am I allowed to put my photos online?


Yes, of course! We'd love for you to share your photos on any of your online presences. We especially appreciate when clients tag us in photos. We love seeing your captions and your community's reactions.

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